Legend of Salt Taste of Jono Village

The Legend Behind the Salt Taste of Jono Village

In addition to the unique taste and manufacturing process, Jono Salt holds a legendary mythology about the journey of a dazed boy who claimed to be the son of Aji Saka, the King of the Medan Kamulan Kingdom.

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Once upon times there was the Medang Kamulan Kingdom and its king named Dewata Cengkar (giant king). The king fought with Aji Saka and lost. Dewata Cengkar turned into white shirt (white crocodile) in the South Sea. Eventually Aji Saka became king. Then came a snake named Jaka Linglung who claimed to be Aji Saka’s son.

Aji Saka wants to acknowledge the child with the record that he can defeat the White Bajul in the South Sea and if he wins it may not pass the land because it will scare the people. Then off to Jaka Linglung meet White Bajul, a fight ensues and Jaka Linglung wins.

Then Jaka Linglung returned through the ground, thought he had arrived at Medang Kamulan, then he put his head up and it turned out he had not arrived. Because the one in the “oro ono” is called Jono’s Village. He dives into the ground again. The first place where the head of Joko Linglung was placed is now a salt water source that can be made salt in Jono Village.