Jono Volcanic Salt

Rahagi's Jono Volcanic Salt

"The Secret of Java"

A Rare Volcanic Salt Flavor in the World & Full of Legend

Taste Savier, Mineral Rich, and Natural Process

jono's Volcanic salt

Jono salt is not sea salt but volcanic salt that uses well water as a base material in the rice fields.

Processed by farmers in Jono Village with a natural process. Salts produced with the right salty taste and cause a savory taste in food.

The results of this processing are used by farmers to finance their daily needs.

"Jono Volcanic Salt is safe for consumption, it tastes delicious"

Jono village salt has been consumed by residents of Grobogan and other districts since hundreds of years ago. During that time, no one had ever complained of the adverse effects caused.
Eka winarna
The village head Of jono

Good taste

Salty taste that is right and feels tasty when mixed with food makes Jono Salt the right choice to produce a typical food recipe.

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Rich in minerals

The existence of Grobogan Regency is surrounded by Kendeng mountains which contain a lot of minerals, including Na, Ca, K, Mg, S, and Cl. This makes Jono Salt rich in minerals.

natural process

All the processing of Jono Volcanic Salt is done naturally by flowing hot springs into the halves of bamboo and then dried in the sun to form salt crystals.

The Legend of Salt Taste of Jono Village

In ancient times there was the Medang Kamulan Kingdom and its king named Dewata Cengkar (giant king). The king fought with Aji Saka and lost. Dewata Cengkar turned into white shirt (white crocodile) in the South Sea. Eventually Aji Saka became king. Then came a snake named Jaka Linglung who claimed to be Aji Saka's son.

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  • 100% Natural
  • No Preservatives
  • Pollution Free
  • Has a natural mineral content not possessed by salt made from sea water.
  • The stronger flavor taste is saltier and more savory so the use is more efficient and efficient.

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